About Us

Helping students excel in learning

Mentorem Academy is a non-profit working with low-income and disadvantaged communities to provide the best summer school and after school learning environments possible based on research and best practices.

We follow "Learner-Centered" principles and work directly with students to get them to be self-sufficient.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build STRONG, RESILIENT, & SELF-SUFFICIENT learners so that it doesn't matter what school the students are attending, what zip code they belong to, or whatever economic circumstance they may be living in.


Our Goals

- Getting students to the next level
- Create an environment that students love being around
- Strive to make learning fun & dynamic


Our Values

Students’ Education Comes First

- We support and value individual learners as well as learning outcomes
- Purpose of education goes beyond academic competence & content knowledge alone
- Shared vision, values, & sense of inclusive ownership among all stakeholders about purpose


Our Beliefs

- Great opportunities comes to those who excel at what they do
- Working hard and practicing in order to be the best
- Have a learning environment where students can excel
- Coaches holds high standards


Our Standards

- Ideal learning environments are where students are focused, fully attentive, motivated & engaged, and enjoy their work
- Our unique approach provides students with the ideal learning environment
- We are not here to help students graduate. We are there to help students excel in their studies


Our Philosophy

Opportunities comes to those who are good at what they do


Contact Us

If you would like to bring Mentorem Academy to your community or have any questions about our program, please contact us.


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